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Ideas to incorporate maple sugar in your meals and beverages



1. Simply add it to your coffee, tea or smoothie and you will add a measurable quantity of that famous maple taste.

 Pure maple sugar in a coffeePure maple sugar in a coffee



2. Sprinkle it on your favorite dessert and add a lively new taste that perks up the ordinary.

Ajouté dans une portion de yogourtAjouté dans une portion de yogourt



3. Use the sugar on your burned cream or  other similar desserts... A great way to impress your guests!

4. Whant to impress your guests even more?

  • Cut a lemon wedge and rub it arround the rim of a glass
  • Dip the top of the glass in Perrot Sweet Maple's pure maple sugar.
  • Watch their reactions!

Maple sugar rim on a glassMaple sugar rim on a glass

5. Use it on your spicy meals

The sweet taste of maple sugar will perfectly balance your spicy foods such as general tao chicken.