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Summer time means work time at Érablière Perreault

Posté le 22/08/2018

All summer long, a lot of work is done at Perrot Sweet Maple's sugar bush. All this work is necessary to keep the pipes that collects maple sap effective and the maple trees productive. We  realise a lot of forest management like cutting the dangerous trees and dig canals to clear water out of the soil. With all that work done, the future generation will benefit and continue to produce without trouble.


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2018 Dominion & Grimm Open Doors

Posté le 22/05/2018

Perrot Sweet Maple was invited to the 2018 Dominion & Grimm open doors that took place last week-end in Sainte-Claire, Québec. We installed a stand and offered free maple popcorn and maple sugar packets to the visitors. The event was a big succes, a huge number of people came by our stand to say hello and taste our products.

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Not too bad

Posté le 16/05/2018

After all the ups and downs of Mother Nature, we can say that the maple sugaring season has been a little bit below the average of a normal season of maple sap harvesting. The team greatly managed to optimize the quantity of sap going in the evaporator. We are still grateful of the opportunity we have to live from our passion: maple syrup production

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Slow beginning of the maple sugaring season

Posté le 11/04/2018

Even though the maple sugaring season started very early (end of February) it slowed down a lot when an exeptionnal cold weather hit the region the past week. We are still in this cold weather, so the maple trees are frozen until the middle of the afternoon. The harvest of the maple sap is very thin and we hope it is going to restart soon!

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Perrot Sweet Maple is now organic!

Posté le 26/02/2018

Its february 22nd that we kicked off our sugaring season! Not a lot of water came trough the pipe system but it was enough to prepare the team and the equipments for the next weeks. The syrup as a strong taste like all the past seasons. We will wait a few more boiling days to use the maple syrup and transform it into different kind of products.


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New maple sap silos

Posté le 16/02/2018

It is with enthusiasm that we received our two maple sap silos made by L.S Bilodeau inc.  we will now have 10 000 gallons of maple sap reserve to provide a more fluid process of boiling.

              L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus, personnes debout et plein air L’image contient peut-être : ciel, nuage, arbre et plein air

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New partnership between Perrot Sweet Maple and Groupe Restos Plaisirs

Posté le 09/10/2017

We are really excited to announce our new partnership with Groupe Restos Plaisirs! Our maple sugar stickpacks will be available at every restaurant Restos Plaisirs own in the Québec city area.Partnership between Groupe Restos Plaisirs and Perrot Sweet MaplePartnership between Groupe Restos Plaisirs and Perrot Sweet Maple

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Our parution in the Chef & Co. Magazine

Posté le 29/04/2017

We are excited to announce our participation to the spring edition of Chef & Co. magazine. Many issues of the Chef & Co. magazine will be available at the 2017 Sial food show in Toronto which represent a great visibility for us at Perrot Sweet Maple.

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Small recap of the 2017 sugaring season

Posté le 28/04/2017

It is with a bit bit of nostalgia that the 2017 maple sugaring season ended yesterday april 27th. We are satisfied of our season and we are grateful for all customers and friends who came to the sugar shack. The shop will still be opened during summer (see opening hours).

There is no better way to end the season than watching a little video edit of spring 2017 here at Perrot Sweet Maple.


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Our products in the United States

Posté le 20/10/2016

Perrot Sweet Maple products will be on the menu for the guests of the 2016 International Maple Conference and Tradeshow hosted by the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association at the Hilton Burlington, VT, USA. We are very proud that our product is part of such a prestigious event, and we would like to thank the VMSMA for this opportunity. Hoping that we will be there in 2017 while the event will be in Québec, Canada.


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